Learn how to get started with Gaois open data resources, access data dictionaries and more.


Open Data

The Gaois research group, in cooperation with our project partners, is making a number of open data resources available to the public. These include RESTful Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and other data artifacts. This page describes the available resources and provides the information you need to start using them. Technical documentation for our open data resources is published on


These resources are made available under permissive open data licences. See the documentation for specific copyright, licencing and attribution details. An API key is required to access our JSON APIs. Please contact us at to request or renew your API key. We will shortly be launching an online platform where you will be able to create a developer account and renew your API key on a self-service basis.

Other data sets

The data sets below are made available under more restrictive licences and for personal use only. They may not be republished in any form without prior permission from the copyright holder. Contact us at if you have any queries.


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