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  1. illness
    galar Alzheimer Reference Faomhadh an téarma seo mar chuid de Thionscadal Lex
    Alzheimer Sklerose | Alzheimer Syndrom | Alzheimer Demenz | Alzheimersche Krankheit | Alzheimer-Krankheit
    Definition präsenile, unaufhaltsam fortschreitende Demenz bei relativ lang erhaltener Gemütsansprechbarkeit Reference Reallex Med
    Alzheimer disease | Alzheimer dementia | Alzheimer sclerosis | Alzheimer's disease
    Definition degenerative disease, which slowly and progressively destroys brain cells Reference Alzheimer Europe [17.6.2009]
    Comment named after Aloïs Alzheimer, a German neurologist, who in 1907 first described the symptoms as well as the neuropathological features of Alzheimer's disease such as plaques and tangles in the brain
    maladie d'Alzheimer | démence d'Alzheimer
    Definition maladie neurodégénérative qui détruit les cellules cérébrales de façon lente et progressive Reference Alzheimer Europe [17.6.2009]

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