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  1. LAW
    Ard-Aighne Cheanada Reference Faomhadh an téarma seo mar chuid de Thionscadal Lex
    Generalstaatsanwalt von Kanada
    Definition Leiter der Anklagebehörde auf Bundes- und Provinzebene in Kanada Reference Council-DE
    Comment DIV: st 3.5.07
    Attorney-General of Canada
    Definition Chief law officer of the Crown and the minister in the Cabinet responsible for the public prosecution of criminal offenders and for advising the government with respect to legal matters. Reference Barron's Canadian Law Dictionary.
    Comment Context: Canada.
    procureur du gouvernement | procureur général du Canada
    Definition ministre, chargé de représenter le gouvernement devant les tribunaux Reference Le grand dictionnaire terminologique (Office québécois de la langue française, 2006),
    Comment Aux gouvernements fédéral et provinciaux, la fonction de procureur général est remplie par le ministre de la justice.
  2. regional and local authorities
    Ard-Aighne Reference Bunreacht na hÉireann, Airteagal 30 [7.11.2014]
    Context "Ní cead an tArd-Aighne a bheith ina chomhalta den Rialtas." Reference Bunreacht na hÉireann, Airteagal 30 [7.11.2014]
    an tArd-Aighne
    Ard Aighne
    Definition is é is comhairleach don Rialtas i gcúrsaí dlí agus tuairimí dlí Reference Bunreacht na hÉireann, Airteagal 30 [7.11.2014]
    Attorney General
    Definition legal adviser to the Irish Government Reference Office of the Attorney General, [6.11.2014]
    Comment See website of the Office of the Attorney General for a detailed description of the functions, powers and duties of the Attorney General. [6.11.2014]

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