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  1. international agreement
    comhaontú comhpháirtíochta straitéisí Reference Faomhadh an téarma seo mar chuid de Thionscadal Lex
    SPA Reference Rún neamhreachtach ó Pharlaimint na hEorpa an 12 Nollaig 2018 ar an dréachtchinneadh ón gComhairle, thar ceann an Aontais Eorpaigh, maidir leis an gComhaontú Comhpháirtíochta Straitéisí idir an tAontas Eorpach agus a Bhallstáit, de pháirt amháin, agus an tSeapáin, den pháirt eile, a thabhairt i gcrích, [4.1.2019]
    Strategisches Partnerschaftsabkommen | SPA | Abkommen über eine strategische Partnerschaft
    Comment XREF: Partnerschaftsabkommen IATE:872031 ;Partnerschafts- und Kooperationsabkommen (PKA) IATE:879441
    SPA | Strategic Partnership Agreement
    Definition political agreement between international actors to facilitate mutually beneficial cooperation in various fields Reference Council-EN
    Comment This is a broad concept and such agreements may vary greatly in nature depending on the actors involved. Parties which have entered into such agreements include the EU, the European Commission, various UN agencies and individual countries.
    APS | accord de partenariat stratégique
    Definition accord politique entre des acteurs internationaux visant à faciliter une coopération mutuellement bénéfique dans divers domaines Reference Conseil-FR

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