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díth chodlata Reference An Coimisiún um Chaidreamh san Áit Oibre, Tuarascáil Bhliantúil 2017, [30.11.2018]
Context Bhí an gearánach tinn agus dúlagar uirthi nár fhéadfadh a chóireáil le cógas agus bhí sí as láthair ar feadh thart ar 10 mí idir 2014 agus 2015. Ba í an fhianaise a bhí aici ná gurbh é an patrún seala, lenar cuimsíodh seala lae agus oíche, a bhí mar chúis lena díth chodlata shuntasach agus a ndearna a dúlagar níos measa Reference An Coimisiún um Chaidreamh san Áit Oibre, Tuarascáil Bhliantúil 2017, [30.11.2018]
Definition Foltermethode, bei der die Opfer über Tage daran gehindert werden, zu schlafen Reference EP-DE, vgl. Internationale Gesellschaft für Menschenrechte (IGFM) > Länder > China > Foltermethoden (4.9.2018)
Comment Dazu dienen z.B. Fesselungen in schmerzhaften Positionen, aber auch Dauerlicht, Lärm und vor allem Schläge, Tritte und andere Strafen, falls sich die Opfer hinlegen. (Quelle: s. Def.)
sleep deprivation
Definition an interrogation technique and highly effective way of breaking a prisoner's will which consists of keeping someone awake for hours or even days at a time Reference EP-EN Terminology, based on: Mann, J., 'A Brief History of Sleep Deprivation and Torture', [19.6.2018]
Comment Sleep deprivation can cause a whole range of undesirable ill effects, such as cognitive impairment, psychosis, immune system breakdown, and even heart defects or cardiovascular disease.
privation de sommeil
Definition forme de torture consistant à priver volontairement la victime de sommeil en vue d'altérer sa santé physique et mentale Reference ---

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