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  1. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS|international affairs|international agreement · INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATIONS|United Nations|UN specialised agency
    an Coinbhinsiún maidir leis an Meáchan a Mharcáil ar Phacáistí Troma arna nIompar in Árthaí Reference Faomhadh an téarma seo mar chuid de Thionscadal Lex
    Übereinkommen über die Gewichtsbezeichnung an schweren, auf Schiffen beförderten Frachtstücken
    Comment CONTEXT: Kontext: Internationale Arbeitsorganisation (IAO).;MISC: Genf, 21.06.1929.
    Convention concerning the Marking of the Weight on Heavy Packages Transported by Vessels | ILO Convention No. 27 | ILO Convention 27 | Marking of Weight (Packages Transported by Vessels) Convention, 1929
    Comment Date of adoption: 21.6.1929 Date of entry into force: 9.3.1932 C27
    Convention concernant l'indication du poids sur les gros colis transportés par bateau
    Comment Date d'adoption: 21.6.1929Date d'entrée en vigueur: 9.3.1932C27