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    Cuireadh Coercion Act (1887) i bhfeidhm a bhí níos déine ná aon rud dá ndeachaigh roimhe.

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    fuair mé an páipéar… tá an workhouse lán…’ ach ní idir 1845 agus 1847 amháin a bhíothas i ngátar bia i gConamara agus ar aon chaoi níor tosaíodh ar an bhfóirithint bhaile nó ‘outdoor relief’ go dtí gur achtaíodh an Temporary Relief of Distressed Persons in Ireland Act (‘The Soup Kitchen Act’) agus an Poor Law Amendment Act sa bhliain 1847 (san dá chás).

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    In the last 2 years alone, I have issued 15 press releases regarding the Official Languages Act, I have held press briefings, on certain significant occasions my press office has spoken directly with every newsroom in the country, informing them of various developments relating to the Act and offering one on one interviews with myself, the Departmental website has a whole section dedicated to the Act and every time that there is a new development, we announce it to the media.

    Ag déanamh beart polaiteora de réir briathair – Eagarthóir Gaeilge: Pól Ó Muirí

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    Some people claim that writing in Welsh is a political act.

    The (Welsh) language question – Pól Ó Muirí

  5. #997947

    What caught your attention in the amendments on the Official Languages Act 2014?

    “Don’t allow Irish to become a political tool” – Catalan Ombudsman – Maitiú Ó Coimín

  6. #999584

    He said that a “robust” Official Languages Act was needed to meet those challenges.

    Language Commissioner criticises Dept of Education – Pól Ó Muirí

  7. #1020473

    Some people claim that writing in Welsh is a political act.

    Scéal ón Bhreatain Bheag a aithneoidh lucht na Gaeilge – Pól Ó Muirí Eagarthóir Gaeilge

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    Úsáidtear focail sheafóideacha mar *Ich *AG (Mé Féin, Teoranta), *Small Business Act *nó *Copy and Paste*.

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    "Poets with progress make no peace nor pact, the act of poetry is a rebel act" a dúirt an file Michael Hartnett.