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  1. Africa
    Laayoune Reference Comhairle-GA
    Definition príomhchathair an tSahára Thiar Reference Comhairle-GA
    Laayoune | El Aaiún
    Comment Hauptstadt des Territoriums von Westsahara IATE:876666
    El-Aaiún | Al aaiun | Laayoune | La'youn | Al-Ayyun | El Aaiun | Laâyoune | El-Aaiun
    Definition principal city of Western Sahara Reference Council-EN based on:'Western Sahara'. Encyclopaedia Britannica, [11.10.2018]
    Laayoune | El Aiun | El Ayoun
    Definition capitale du Sahara occidental Reference Code de rédaction interinstitutionnel > Annexe A5 - Liste des États, territoires et monnaies (25.1.2019), [11.2.2019]

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