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  1. LAW
    creat dlíthiúil Reference Faomhadh an téarma seo mar chuid de Thionscadal Lex
    Rechtsrahmen | rechtlicher Rahmen
    legal framework
    Definition Set of rules, laws, regulations or codes in the context of which an activity might be carried out or a policy developed. Reference UNTERM (United Nations terminological database) (27.8.2009)
    Comment See also "regulatory framework" [ IATE:786505 ].
    cadre juridique
  2. EUROPEAN UNION · institutional structure
    an Mheitheal um Chomhchuibhiú Teicniúil (Creat dlíthiúil nua) Reference Comhairle-GA
    Definition Foghrúpa de chuid na Meithle um Chomhchuibhiú Teicniúil Reference Comhairle-GA
    Gruppe "Technische Harmonisierung" (Neuer Rechtsrahmen)
    Definition Untergruppe der Gruppe "Technische Harmonisierung" IATE:918351 Reference Council-DE
    Comment Gruppe besteht nicht mehr
    Working Party on Technical Harmonisation (New legal framework)
    Definition Subgroup of the Working Party on Technical Harmonisation [IATE:918351 ] Reference ---
    Comment No longer exists (not listed in 5312/14 of 14.1.2014)
    Groupe "Harmonisation technique" (Nouveau cadre juridique)
    Definition sous-groupe appartenant au groupe "Harmonisation technique", IATE:918351 Reference ---
    Comment Ce groupe n'existe plus.

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