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  1. LAW
    Oifig an Stiúrthóra Ionchúiseamh Poiblí Reference Faomhadh an téarma seo mar chuid de Thionscadal Lex
    Definition in Frankreich die Staatsanwaltschaft im Ggs. zur Richterschaft (magistrature assise IATE:887661 ) Reference Council-DE
    Comment DIV: RSZ 7.5.07
    prosecution service | public prosecutors | prosecuting officers | (staff of the) State Counsel's Office
    Definition Body of public officials responsible for prosecuting people charged with a criminal offence. Reference UK Crown Prosecution Service
    Comment In France, the "magistrature debout/du parquet" also represents the interest of society in civil proceedings. In the French legal context, the terms "magistrature debout/du parquet" coexist and contrast with "magistrature assise/du siège".
    magistrature du parquet | magistrature debout
    Definition ensemble des magistrats chargés de requérir la justice au nom de l'Etat Reference Cornu, Vocabulaire juridique.
    Comment Ainsi nommée parce que ces magistrats se tiennent debout pour prononcer leurs réquisitions ou conclusions, par opposition à la magistrature assise [ IATE:887661 ].

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