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  1. An tAcht fán gCoinbhinsiún Eorpach um Chearta an Duine, 2003

    European Convention on Human Rights Act 2003

  2. An tAcht um Cheartas Coiriúil (Coinbhinsiún na Náisiún Aontaithe in aghaidh Céastóireachta), 2000

    Criminal Justice (United Nations Convention against Torture) Act 2000

  3. An tAcht um Choinbhinsiúin Chonsalachta, 1954

    Consular Conventions Act 1954

  4. An tAcht um Choinbhinsiúin na Ginéive (Leasú), 1998

    Geneva Conventions (Amendment) Act 1998

  5. An tAcht um Choinbhinsiúin na Ginéive, 1962

    Geneva Conventions Act 1962

  6. An tAcht um Choinbhinsiún ACC-CEE i Lomé (Conarthaí Ráthaíochta idir an Stát agus an Banc Eorpach Infheistíochta), 1976

    ACP-EEC Convention of Lomé (Contracts of Guarantee between State and European Investment Bank) Act 1976

  7. An tAcht um Chosaint Leanaí (Coinbhinsiún na Háige), 2000

    Protection of Children (Hague Convention) Act 2000

  8. An tAcht um Dhlínse Cúirteanna (Coinbhinsiúin Mhuirí), 1989

    Jurisdiction of Courts (Maritime Conventions) Act 1989

  9. An tAcht um Eiseachadadh (An Coinbhinsiún Eorpach chun Sceimhliú a Dhíchur), 1987

    Extradition (European Convention on the Suppression of Terrorism) Act 1987

  10. An tAcht um Eiseachadadh (Coinbhinsiúin an Aontais Eorpaigh), 2001

    Extradition (European Union Conventions) Act 2001

  11. An tAcht um Leasanna Idirnáisiúnta i dTrealamh Soghluaiste (Coinbhinsiún Cape Town), 2005

    International Interests in Mobile Equipment (Cape Town Convention) Act 2005

  12. An tAcht um Maoin Chultúrtha a Choimirciú i gCás Coinbhleacht Armtha (Coinbhinsiún na Háige), 2017

    Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict (Hague Convention) Act 2017


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