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Financial market · Financing
ga oibleagáid fiachais atá comhthaobhaithe REFERENCE Faomhadh an téarma seo mar chuid de Thionscadal Lex
en CDO | collateralised debt obligation
DEFINITION structured finance instrument consisting of a bond or note backed by a pool of fixed-income assets REFERENCE "collateralized debt obligation" > A Dictionary of Finance and Banking > Ed Jonathan Law & John Smullen > Oxford University Press, 2008 > Oxford Reference Online > DGT, (6.5.2009)
COMMENT Rights to the cash flows from this pool, along with different levels of credit risk, are allocated to different classes ( tranches) of note. Some specific types of CDO include collateralized bond obligations (CBOs), collateralized loan obligations (CLOs), and collateralized mortgage obligations (CMOs). A structured investment vehicle is a specialized form of CDO.
fr obligation adossée à des créances | obligation adossée à des actifs | titre garanti par des créances
DEFINITION titres représentatifs de portefeuilles composés de créances bancaires et/ou d'instruments financiers négociables (obligations, autres titres de créances ...) et/ou de dérivés de crédit REFERENCE La crise des subprimes, Rapport, Patrick Artus, Jean-Paul Betbèze, Christian de Boissieu et Gunther Capelle-Blancard, La documentation française 2008, p. 37
COMMENT On trouve des CLO (Collateralised Loan Obligations) où le sous-jacent est constitué de prêts bancaires, des CBO (Collateralised Bond Obligations) où le sous-jacent est composé d'obligations, des CSO (Collateralised Synthetic Obligations) où les sous-jacents sont des dérivés de crédit, des CDO2 (CDO de CDO), etc.
de CDO | forderungsbesicherte Schuldverschreibung | Collateralised Debt Obligation
DEFINITION verbriefter Schuldtitel, dessen Sicherungspool durch Credit Default Swaps (CDS) erzeugt wird REFERENCE,,%20synthet/16330044/C (21.4.2009)
Chemical compound
ga CDO REFERENCE Faomhadh an téarma seo mar chuid de Thionscadal Lex
ga comhdhúil dhé-dhé-ocsainiúil REFERENCE Faomhadh an téarma seo mar chuid de Thionscadal Lex
en dioxin-like compound | DLC
DEFINITION halogenated aromatic compound that has toxicological properties similar to those of the reference toxicant 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD)<sup>1</sup><HR><sup>1</sup> TCDD [ IATE:133291 ] REFERENCE Bunce, N. J. and Petrulis, J. R. 2006. <i>Dioxin-Like Compounds, Screening Assays</i>. Encyclopedia of Analytical Chemistry, [7.3.2014]
COMMENT See also:<LI><I>2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-para-dioxin</I> (related) [ IATE:133291 ] <LI><I>dioxin-like PCBs</I> (related) [ IATE:160637 ] <LI><I>polychlorinated dibenzofuran</I> (related) [ IATE:1018394 ] <LI><I>polychlorinated dibenzodioxin</I> (related) [ IATE:1084762 ]
fr composé de type dioxine
COMMENT Les dioxines, les furanes et les PCB, qui sont généralement appelés composés de type dioxine, sont des organochlorés extrêmement toxiques.
Financial institution
ga oibleagáidí fiachais chomhthaobhaithe sreafa airgid REFERENCE Faomhadh an téarma seo mar chuid de Thionscadal Lex
en cash CDO | cashflow CDO
DEFINITION structured finance product that securitises a diversified pool of debt assets into multiple classes of notes from the cash flows generated by such assets REFERENCE ‘The Barclays Capital Guide to Cash Flow Collateralized Debt Obligations’, CDO and Structured Funds Group [17.09.2014]
COMMENT Cash flow CDOs should be distinguished from market value CDOs. Whereas market value CDOs are managed to pay off liabilities through the trading and sale of collateral, cash flow CDOs are managed to pay off liabilities from the interest and principal payments of collateral. This means that unlike market value CDOs, cash flow CDOs focus primarily on managing the credit quality of the underlying portfolio rather than the volatility of its market value.<HR>See also: <LI><I>collateralised debt obligation</I> (broader) [ IATE:343460 ]<LI><I>synthetic collateralised debt obligation </I> (related) [ IATE:3541377 ]
Financing and investment
ga oibleagáid shintéiseach chomhthaobhaithe REFERENCE Faomhadh an téarma seo mar chuid de Thionscadal Lex
ga oibleagáid shintéiseach fiachais atá comhthaobhaithe REFERENCE Faomhadh an téarma seo mar chuid de Thionscadal Lex
en collateralised synthetic obligation | synthetic CDO | synthetic collateralised debt obligation | CSO
DEFINITION form of collateralised debt obligation (CDO IATE:343460 ) that invests in credit default swaps (CDSs) or other non-cash assets to gain exposure to a portfolio of fixed income assets REFERENCE Investopedia > Dictionary > Synthetic CDO, [26.11.2012]
COMMENT <B>Synthetic CDOs</B> are typically divided into credit tranches based on the level of credit risk assumed. Initial investments into the CDO are made by the lower tranches, while the senior tranches may not have to make an initial investment. <HR> Investopedia > Dictionary > Synthetic CDO, [26.11.2012]<br>The reference portfolio of a synthetic CDO can be an index of reference securities such as the CDX or iTraxx indices or a <i>bespoke portfolio</i> [ IATE:3515027 ]
fr CDO synthétique
DEFINITION type de CDO où le transfert du risque de crédit du portefeuille sous-jacent revêt une forme synthétique, lorsque le véhicule contracte des dérivés de crédit sur les signatures ou les titres du portefeuille de référence REFERENCE Le marché des CDO - Modalités de fonctionnement et implications en termes de stabilité financière, Olivier Cousseran et Imène Rahmouni, in Banque de France - Revue de la stabilité financière - n° 6, juin 2005, [11.9.2013]
Financing and investment
ga oibleagáid fiachais chomhthaobhaithe aontráinse REFERENCE Faomhadh an téarma seo mar chuid de Thionscadal Lex
en single-tranche CDO | single-tranche synthetic CDO | single-tranche collateralised debt obligation | STCDO
DEFINITION synthetic CDO [ IATE:3541377 ] in which only one tranche of the capital structure is sold to an investor and the investor himself/herself can choose the credit portfolio and the part/tranche of the capital structure and the tranche size REFERENCE based on:<br>Michael S. Gibson: Understanding the Risk of Synthetic CDOs, July 2004 (Federal Reserve), [17.5.2012] <hr>David Li–Ratul Roy–Jure Skarabot (Citigroup): A Primer on Single-Tranche CDOs, April 27, 2004, [17.5.2012]
COMMENT For the reference portfolio of the single tranche CDO, see: <i>bespoke portfolio</i> IATE:3515027 .