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Similar terms: banque saine

IATE Terminology

ga banc de DNA comhlántach REFERENCE Faomhadh an téarma seo mar chuid de Thionscadal Lex
en cDNA library
DEFINITION collection of cDNA<sup>1</sup> molecules, representative of all the various mRNA<sup>2</sup> molecules produced by a specific type of cell of a given species, spliced into a corresponding collection of cloning vectorssuch as plasmids<sup>3</sup> or lambda phages<sup>4</sup><HR><sup>1</sup> cDNA [ IATE:1073342 ]<BR><sup>2</sup> mRNA [ IATE:1073360 ]<BR><sup>3</sup> plasmid [ IATE:1684610 ]<BR><sup>4</sup> lambda phage [ IATE:1431733 ] REFERENCE "cDNA library". Robert C. King, Pamela K. Mulligan, and William D. Stansfield. A Dictionary of Genetics (8 ed.). Oxford University Press. Print ISBN-13: 9780199766444, [31.10.2014]
COMMENT Since not all genes are active in every cell, a cDNA library is usually much smaller than a gene library. If it is known which type of cell makes the desired protein (e.g., only pancreatic cells make insulin), screening the cDNA library from such cells for the gene of interest is a much easier task than screening a gene library<sup>1</sup>.<HR><sup>1</sup> gene library [ IATE:1073551 ]
fr banque d'ADNc
DEFINITION Les molécules d'ADNc sont integrées dans un plasmide qui pénètre dans l'hôte qui se divise, multipliant les séquences en un grand nombre de copies (clonage).Une banque d'ADNc sera représentative des séquences d'ARNc exprimées dans la cellule-type dont elle est dérivée REFERENCE Génétique,p.220