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Similar terms: public prosecutor

IATE Terminology

ga Oifig an Stiúrthóra Ionchúiseamh Poiblí REFERENCE Faomhadh an téarma seo mar chuid de Thionscadal Lex
en (staff of the) State Counsel's Office | public prosecutors | prosecution service
DEFINITION Body of public officials responsible for prosecuting people charged with a criminal offence. REFERENCE UK Crown Prosecution Service
COMMENT In France, the "magistrature debout/du parquet" also represents the interest of society in civil proceedings. In the French legal context, the terms "magistrature debout/du parquet" coexist and contrast with "magistrature assise/du siège".
fr magistrature du parquet | magistrature debout
DEFINITION ensemble des magistrats chargés de requérir la justice au nom de l'Etat REFERENCE Cornu, Vocabulaire juridique.
COMMENT Ainsi nommée parce que ces magistrats se tiennent debout pour prononcer leurs réquisitions ou conclusions, par opposition à la magistrature assise [ IATE:887661 ].
de Staatsanwaltschaft
DEFINITION in Frankreich die Staatsanwaltschaft im Ggs. zur Richterschaft (magistrature assise IATE:887661 ) REFERENCE Council-DE
Organisation of the legal system
ga Fóram Comhchomhairleach REFERENCE Faomhadh an téarma seo mar chuid de Thionscadal Lex
en Consultative Forum of Prosecutors General and Directors of Public Prosecution | Consultative Forum of Prosecutors General/Directors of Prosecution | Consultative Forum
DEFINITION Meeting at least once year at the invitation of the Member State holding the EU Presidency, the forum allows Prosecutors General and Directors of Public Prosecution to share experiences and best practices in the field of serious and organised crime, on the use of procedures and investigation techniques, and on the use of judicial cooperation tools and instruments. REFERENCE COUNCIL-EN based on Eurojust website, [22.7.2013]
de Beratendes Forum der Generalstaatsanwälte und Leiter von Staatsanwaltschaften
COMMENT Ziel des Forums ist es in erster Linie, zur Stärkung der justiziellen und staatsanwaltlichen Aspekte der EU-Strategie der inneren Sicherheit IATE:3507353 beizutragen;<br>DIV: aka 9.10.13
Legal profession
ga Oifig an Ionchúisitheora Phoiblí Náisiúnta REFERENCE Faomhadh an téarma seo mar chuid de Thionscadal Lex
en National Public Prosecutors' Office
DEFINITION part of the Netherlands public prosecution service which deals with international forms of organised crime and the coordination of efforts to combat terrrorism, people smuggling, and similar offices and which is therefore concerned with serious crime that is not confined to the jurisdiction of a district court or appeal court REFERENCE Council-EN, based on the Netherlands <i>Openbaar Ministerie</i>'s brochure: The Public Prosecution Service at a Glance [17.09.2012]
fr Landelijk Parket
DEFINITION organe du ministère public néerlandais chargé de lutter contre la criminalité organisée (inter)nationale REFERENCE COM-FR, d'après: <BR>'Landelijk Parket', Openbaar Ministerie, Home > Organisatie > Landelijke OM-onderdelen > Landelijk Parket, [5.9.2012]