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Téarmaíocht IATE

International agreement · Social affairs
en Supplementary Agreement for the Application of the European Convention on Social Security
SAINMHÍNIÚ The Supplementary Agreement covers, among other things, relations among social security institutions and procedure to be followed for settling and paying benefits that are due in conformity with the Convention. It also acts as a guide for the Convention provisions which will not be applicable until bilateral agreements have been concluded. TAGAIRT Council of Europe Treaty Office summary http://conventions.coe.int/Treaty/en/Summaries/Html/078.htm (25.4.2012)
NÓTA Signed: Paris, 14.12.1972<br>Entry into force: 1.3.1977<br>European Treaty Series (ETS) No. 078A<br>Authentic versions: EN-FR
fr Accord complémentaire pour l'application de la Convention européenne de sécurité sociale
SAINMHÍNIÚ accord complémentaire contenant les dispositions nécessaires à l'application des normes de la Convention IATE:777891 qui sont directement applicables TAGAIRT site Council of Europe, résumé du traité, http://conventions.coe.int/Treaty/fr/Summaries/Html/078.htm (26.3.2012)
NÓTA Signature: 14.12.1972 à Paris<br>Entrée en vigueur: 1.3.1977<br>Conseil de l'Europe; STCE n° 078A<br>Versions authentiques: EN-FR
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