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en stripping
SAINMHÍNIÚ physical separation process where one or more volatile components are removed from a liquid stream by a gaseous phase (e.g. steam, nitrogen or air) that is passed through the liquid, and are subsequently recovered (e.g. by condensation) for further use or disposal. TAGAIRT COM-Terminology Coordination, based on:<BR>European Commission. Joint Research Centre. <i>Best Available Techniques (BAT) Reference Document in the Large Volume Organic Chemical Industry</i>. Final Draft (February 2017), http://eippcb.jrc.ec.europa.eu/reference/BREF/LVOC/LVOC_Final_Draft_February_2017_website.pdf [3.7.2017]
NÓTA The recent application of selective stripping of solutes as a separation method leads to some confusion between the terms stripping and scrubbing. It is recommended that the term scrubbing be reserved for the operation of removing contaminants (impurities) from an extract (where the scrub raffinate is often recycled to the loading step) and the term selective stripping be used where two or more main solutes are stripped successively from an extract, usually with different stripping agents, with a view to their subsequent separate recovery from solution for analysis. <HR>Reference: IUPAC. Compendium of Chemical Terminology, 2nd ed. (the "Gold Book"). Compiled by A. D. McNaught and A. Wilkinson. Blackwell Scientific Publications, Oxford (1997). XML on-line corrected version: http://goldbook.iupac.org (2006-) created by M. Nic, J. Jirat, B. Kosata; updates compiled by A. Jenkins. ISBN 0-9678550-9-8, http://goldbook.iupac.org/S06054.html [16.3.2015]<HR>See also:<LI><i>wet scrubbing</i> [ IATE:1413621 ]<LI> <i>steam stripping</i> [ IATE:1409569 ]
fr extraction au gaz | stripage
SAINMHÍNIÚ procédé d'extraction des composés volatils par entraînement à l'aide d'un gaz TAGAIRT Site de FranceTerme > stripage, http://www.culture.fr/franceterme/result?francetermeSearchTerme=stripping&francetermeSearchDomaine=0&francetermeSearchSubmit=rechercher&action=search [7.9.2015]
de Austreiben | Strippen
SAINMHÍNIÚ Vorgang, bei dem aus Flüssigkeiten, bevorzugt Wasser in der Wasseraufbereitung, Inhaltsstoffe dieser Flüssigkeiten durch das Durchleiten von Gasen (Luft, Wasserdampf, Rauchgas etc.) aus der Flüssigkeit entfernt und in das Gas übergeführt werden TAGAIRT Chemie.de, s. v. "Strippen", http://www.chemie.de/lexikon/Strippen.html (21.8.2015)
NÓTA treibende Kraft hinter diesem Prozess ist, dass der Dampfdruck der aus der Flüssigkeit zu entfernenden Stoffe in der Flüssigkeit größer als in dem Gas ist und daher ein Übertritt von der Flüssigkeit in das Gas erfolgt
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