Open-Source Software

The Gaois research group is continually developing software and computer-aided solutions to support the work of our partners and our own research. A number of these tools have been made available on an open-source basis. This page lists those projects which are being actively developed and maintained. Technical documentation for our open-source software is published on


Terminologue is an open-source terminology management tool. The Terminologue software was originally developed by the Gaois research group for Foras na Gaeilge to manage Téarma, the National Terminology Database for Irish (té The Téarma termbase contains c.186,000 entries, managed in a dedicated private instance of Terminologue.

Screenshot of a Terminologue instance

Gaois has made a cloud-based instance of the Terminologue software available at where you can start writing and publishing termbases. It is also possible to install and host your own private instance of Terminologue by downloading the source code from our GitHub repository. The software is copyright of Dublin City University and is available under the open-source MIT license.

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GeoNames2Sql is a tool used to import Gazetteer data from the GeoNames geographical database and store it in a relational SQL Server database. Gaois uses this tool to assist with geographic annotation in data sets such as the National Database of Irish-Language Biographies ( and the National Folklore Collection UCD Digitization Project (dú GeoNames2Sql is a C# (.NET Core) console application.

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Gaois.Localizer is a toolkit for creating multilingual web applications on ASP.NET Core. It offers a suite of configurable localization middleware, including request culture validators, cookie management, exception handlers and URL rewriting rules, that wrap and extend the framework's native globalisation and localization functions to take the pain out of building localised websites.

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A simple, configurable query logger for ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core applications. It is used by Gaois to log search statistics to SQL Server. Gaois.QueryLogger is a C# (.NET Standard 2.0) library and it supports applications built with ASP.NET Framework 4.6.1 and ASP.NET Core 2.1 or higher.

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Documental is a multilingual technical documentation platform developed by Gaois, Fiontar & Scoil na Gaeilge (DCU). It powers our technical documentation website.

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