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  1. EUROPEAN UNION|EU institutions and European civil service|institutional structure · EUROPEAN UNION|EU institutions and European civil service|EU institution|Council of the European Union
    an Mheitheal <i>ad hoc</i> um an sásra comhair agus fíorúcháin don Bhulgáir agus don Rómáin Reference Liosta Oifigiúil de Chomhlachtaí Ullmhúcháin na Comhairle
    an Mheitheal <i>ad hoc</i> um COVEME Reference Comhairle-GA
    "Ad-hoc-Gruppe ""Kooperations- und Überprüfungsmechanismus für Bulgarien und Rumänien""" | COVEME
    Ad hoc Working Party on the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism for Bulgaria and Romania | COVEME Working Party
    groupe ad hoc sur le mécanisme de coopération et de vérification pour la Bulgarie et la Roumanie | COVEME