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  1. family · social affairs
    an Comhaontú Eorpach um an Teaghlach Reference Faomhadh an téarma seo mar chuid de Thionscadal Lex
    Europäischer Familienpakt | Europäischer Pakt für die Familie
    Definition vom EWSA vorgeschlagene Initiative zur Förderung der Familien in Europa, die im Achtzehnmonatsprogramm des Rates für 2009/2010 aufgegriffen wurde Reference Council-DE
    Comment zum vorgeschlagenen Inhalt siehe Stellungnahme des EWSA zum Thema „Die Familie und die demografische Entwicklung, Nr. 1.4.4, ABl. C_161/2007, S.66, CELEX:52007AE0423/DE , DIV: cba, 11.01.2010
    European Pact for the Family
    Definition a planned measure to support European families put forward 2007 in the Opinion of the European Economic and Social Committee on the family and demographic change Reference based on: EESC opinion (2007/C 161/19) CELEX:52007AE0423
    Comment The pact could include the following commitments:- an affirmation by the member states to pursue family-friendly policies (in terms of financial support, taxation, access to facilities etc.);- a plan to establish a fixed threshold for public funding for family- and child-related policies; - a guarantee to promote an environment which is favourable to families (life and work ballance, gender equality etc.);- ongoing and sustainable measures to support children and families (health, safety, education etc.).

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