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  1. information technology and data processing
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    ITIC | ITI | Information Technology Industry Council
    Sainmhíniú --- Tagairt - ITI homepage, (22.4.2009)- ITI > Who We Are, (22.4.209)
    Nóta ITI claims to be the premier global voice, thought leader and advocate for the United States' leading high-tech companies and to be widely recognised as the tech industry's most effective lobbying organization in Washington, in various foreign capitals, and the WTO.It was founded in Chicago, Illinois, in 1916 as the National Association of Office Appliance Manufacturers. In 1929, the name was changed to the Office Equipment Manufacturers Institute as the group set out to strengthen its role in public policy. It was reorganised in 1961 to cope more effectively with the issues confronting a rapidly changing and expanding industry, and it became known as the Business Equipment Manufacturers Association (BEMA).In 1973, BEMA became the Computer and Business Equipment Manufacturers Association (CBEMA). For the next two decades, the association's value to member companies was manifest in numerous regulatory and legislative accomplishments, in successful efforts to build a network with counterparts in other nations, and in its ability to sustain voluntary industry standards programs in the US and abroad.The association again reorganised in 1994 and was renamed the Information Technology Industry Council or ITI. The new name better reflected the dynamic IT industry as it is today - consisting of manufacturers and suppliers of computers, telecommunications, business equipment, software, and IT services.Today, ITI continues to represent companies on the cutting edge of technology, and its mission today is identical to that of its founders in 1916 - to promote the global competitiveness of its member companies.
  2. financing and investment
    an Chorparáid Idirnáisiúnta um Iontaobhas agus Infheistíocht Tagairt Faomhadh an téarma seo mar chuid de Thionscadal Lex
    International Trust and Investment Corporation | ITIC
    Sainmhíniú --- Tagairt - Invest in China > Economy > Investment Environment > Economic System > Finance & Foreign Exchange > Trust and Investment Companies > China International Trust and Investment Corporation, (22.4.2009)- Wikipedia > WITIC, (22.4.2009)- Washington Post > Chinese Say Bank Insolvent (GITIC), (22.4.2009)
    Nóta There are or have been a number of ITICs, e.g. China International Trust and Investment Corporation (CITIC), Wuhan International Trust and Investment Corporation (WITIC), Guangdong International Trust and Investment Corporation (GITIC)
  3. earth sciences · information service
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    International Tsunami Information Center | International Tsunami Information Centre | ITIC
    Sainmhíniú --- Tagairt International Tsunami Information Centre > About ITIC, (22.4.2009)
    Nóta Located in Honolulu, ITIC was established in November 1965 by the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). ITIC maintains and develops relationships with scientific research and academic organisations, civil defence agencies, and the general public in order to carry out its mission to mitigate the hazards associated with tsunamis by improving tsunami preparedness for all Pacific Ocean nations. ITIC is also assisting in the development and implementation of tsunami warning and mitigation systems globally.The ITIC's responsibilities include:- monitoring the international tsunami warning activities in the Pacific and other oceans and recommending improvements in communications, data networks, acquisition and processing, tsunami forecasting methods, and information dissemination;- bringing to Member and non-member States information on tsunami warning systems, on the affairs of IOC and ITIC, and on how to become active participants in the ICG/PTWS;- assisting Member States in the establishment of national and regional warning systems, and the reduction of tsunami risk through comprehensive mitigation programmes;- acting as a clearing-house for the development of educational and preparedness materials, event data collection, and fostering research and its application to prevent loss of life.
    CIIT | Centre international d'information sur les tsunamis
  4. EU institution · information technology and data processing
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    ITIC | IT infrastructure consolidation
    Sainmhíniú European Commission IT project which aims at consolidating infrastructure support services in the office automation area so that it can take advantage of economies of scale, harmonised service levels and implementation of high availability and disaster recovery in a cost efficient manner Tagairt COM-EN, based on:EUROPA > European Commission > Directorate-General for Informatics (DIGIT) > e-Commission > Latest e-Commission documents > e-Commission 2006-2010: Mid-Term Review > Annex I: Political and Administrative value delivered by the e-Commission actions, p. 4, (10.11.2009)

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