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  1. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS|international affairs|international agreement · TRANSPORT|maritime and inland waterway transport|inland waterway transport|inland waterway shipping
    an Coinbhinsiún Athbhreithnithe um Loingseoireacht na Réine Reference Rialachán (AE) Uimh. 952/2013 lena leagtar síos Cód Custaim an Aontais, CELEX:32013R0952/GA Faomhadh an téarma seo mar chuid de Thionscadal Lex
    Coinbhinsiún Mannheim Reference Faomhadh an téarma seo mar chuid de Thionscadal Lex
    Revidierte Rheinschifffahrtsakte | Mannheimer Akte | Mannheimer Rheinschiffahrtsakte
    Definition Akte, die das Rechtsregime des Rheins als Binnenschifffahrtsstraße und die Aufgaben der Zentralkommission für die Rheinschifffahrt festlegt Reference COM-DE nach:Zentralkommission für die Rheinschifffahrt > Organisation > Rechtsgrundlagen / Texte (18.11.2021)
    revised Mannheim Convention of 17 October 1868 for the Navigation of the Rhine | Convention of Mannheim | Mannheim Convention on Rhine Shipping | Revised Rhine Navigation Act | Mannheim Act | Revised Convention for the Navigation of the Rhine | Revised Convention for Rhine Navigation | Mannheim Convention
    Definition convention defining the legal scheme governing the use of the Rhine as an inland waterway for navigation and laying down the attributions of the Central Commission for the Navigation of the Rhine Reference CCNR > Organisation > Legal basis / Texts (2.12.2021)
    Comment The principle of free navigation on the Rhine was agreed upon by the Congress of Vienna in 1815 and was put into effect by the Mainz Convention of 1831, which also established the Central Commission of the Rhine. This first treaty was simplified and revised in the Mannheim Convention of 1868, which, with the extension in 1918 of all privileges to ships of all countries and not merely the riverine states, remains (broadly speaking) in force.
    Acte de Mannheim | Convention de Mannheim | Convention révisée pour la navigation du Rhin
    Definition convention définissant le régime juridique régissant l’utilisation du Rhin comme voie de navigation intérieure et fixant les attributions de la Commission centrale pour la navigation du Rhin (6.12.2021) Reference COM-FR, d'après: site web de la Commission centrale pour la navigation du Rhin (CCNR) > Accueil > Organisation > Fondements juridiques / Textes (6.12.2021)
    Comment Convention signée le 17.10.1868 à Mannheim (Allemagne)