This is a linguistic database of Irish-language surnames. It currently comprises nearly 700 surname clusters. More information »

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Initial letter: W

Surname Cluster
Wade en Uad
Waldron en Bhaldran
Wall en Bhál
Walsh en Bailís
Walsh en Breathnach
Walshe en Breathnach
Walshe en Bailís
Ward en Bard
Warnock en Giolla Mhearnóg
Weeney McWeeney en Maonach
Weir en Maor
Weldon en Béalatún
Whearty en Faghartach
Whelan en Faolán
Whelan en Aolán
Whelehan en Faoileachán
Wolfe en Bhulbh
Wolohan en Uallachán
Woods en Conchoille
Woulfe en Bhulbh

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