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Europäisches Übereinkommen zur Bekämpfung des Terrorismus
Comment Strassburg, 27.01.1977
European Convention on the Suppression of Terrorism
Definition Convention designed to facilitate the extradition of persons having committed acts of terrorism. It lists the offences that Parties undertake not to consider as political offences, or as offences connected with political offences, or as offences inspired by political motives, namely acts of particular gravity, hijacking of aircraft, kidnapping and taking of hostages, the use of bombs, grenades, rockets, letter or parcel bombs, if their use endangers persons. Moreover, the Convention empowers Parties not to consider as a political offence any act of violence against the life, physical integrity or liberty of a person. Reference "Council of Europe Treaty Office summary (26.4.2012)"
Comment "Signed: Strasbourg, 27.1.1977 Entry into force: 4.8.1978 European Treaty Series (ETS) No. 090Authentic versions: EN-FRAmended by the Protocol amending the European Convention on the Suppression of Terrorism (ETS No. 190, 15.5.2003, IATE:931538 )"
Convention européenne pour la répression du terrorisme | CERT
Definition convention visant à faciliter l'extradition des auteurs d'actes de terrorisme Reference "site Council of Europe, résumé du traité, (27.3.2012)"
Comment Signature: 27.1.1977 à StrasbourgEntrée en vigueur: 4.8.1978Conseil de l'Europe; STCE n° 090Versions authentiques: EN-FR