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  1. EUROPEAN UNION|European construction|EU relations|agreement (EU)|trade agreement (EU) · INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS|cooperation policy|cooperation policy|trade cooperation · INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS|international affairs|international affairs
    Comhaontú Cuimsitheach Infheistíochta idir an tAontas agus an tSín Reference Conclúidí ón gComhairle Eorpach, 1-2 Deireadh Fómhair 2020 (21.12.2020)
    Context Meabhraítear di an sprioc go gcuirfí bailchríoch faoi dheireadh na bliana seo ar Chomhaontú Cuimsitheach Infheistíochta (CAI) uaillmhianach idir an tAontas agus an tSín a thabharfaidh aghaidh ar na neamhshiméadrachtaí a ghabhann, i láthair na huaire, le rochtain ar an margadh...' Reference Conclúidí ón gComhairle Eorpach, 1-2 Deireadh Fómhair 2020 (21.12.2020)
    umfassendes Investitionsabkommen | umfassendes Investitionsabkommen zwischen der EU und China
    Definition derzeit verhandeltes Abkommen zwischen der EU und China, das insbesondere gleichwertigen Marktzugang und gleiche Investitionsmöglichkeiten und Wettbewerbsbedingungen für beide Seiten gewährleisten soll Reference Council-DE, vgl. KOM-Pressemitteilung>Gipfeltreffen EU-China
    Comment die Verhandlungen wurden bereits 2014 aufgenommen
    EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment | CAI | Comprehensive Agreement on Investment
    Definition agreement being negotiated by the EU and China with a particular focus on increasing market access and investment opportunities for both parties Reference Council-EN, based on European Commission > Trade > Policy > Countries and regions > Countries > China > News archive > EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment (30.9.2020)
    Comment The EU and China launched negotiations on the CAI in 2014. Impact and sustainability impact assessments were carried out by the European Commission between 2013 and 2018, to assess the potential economic, social and environmental impacts of the agreement.In 2016, the two parties agreed on the scope of the future agreement and the latest - 31st - round of negotiations on the agreement was held on 28 July 2020.For more details see the reference documents below.
    accord global sur les investissements UE-Chine | accord global sur les investissements | AGI
    Definition accord en cours de négociation entre l'Union européenne et la Chine, portant à la fois sur l'accès au marché et la protection des investissements Reference Conseil-FR, d'après le site du ministère français de l'Europe et des affaires étrangères, Ambassade de France à Pékin, "Relations entre l’Union européenne et la Chine" (7.8.2020)
  2. EUROPEAN UNION|EU institutions and European civil service|EU body|European Economic and Social Committee · GEOGRAPHY|Africa|North Africa|Great Maghreb|Maghreb|Morocco · TRADE|international trade|trade relations|trade agreement
    Grúpa Comhairleach Comhpháirteach AE-Mharacó Reference EESC-2016-06803-18-01-DECBUR
    Definition comhlacht sealadach arna chruthú ag Biúró Choiste Eacnamaíoch agus Sóisialta na hEorpa chun cuidiú leis na caibidlíochtaí i gcomhair comhaontú trádála domhain agus cuimsitheach idir an tAontas agus Maracó Reference EESC-2016-06803-18-01-DECBUR
    EU-Morocco Joint Advisory Group | EU-Morocco Joint Advisory Group on the Negotiations for a Deep and Comprehensive Trade Agreement
    Definition temporary body created by the European Economic and Social Committee and the Moroccan Economic, Social and Environmental Council to give civil society a voice in the ongoing negotiations for a deep and comprehensive trade agreement (DCFTA) between the EU and Morocco Reference EESC/COR-EN based on EESC documents: EESC-2016-06803-18-01-DECBUR and Morocco-EU Joint Advisory Group Activity Report 2018-2020 (21.12.2020) (EESC-2020-03189-00-00-TCD-TRA)
    Comment Morocco and the European Union (EU) are bound by an association agreement signed in 1996, which entered into force in 2000. In May 2017, the Moroccan Economic, Social and Environmental Council and the EESC established the EU-Morocco Joint Advisory Group. Once the DCFTA has been concluded, a domestic advisory group will most likely be organised to monitor its implementation.
    groupe consultatif mixte UE-Maroc | groupe consultatif mixte UE-Maroc sur les négociations relatives à un accord commercial approfondi et complet
    Definition groupe temporaire créé par le bureau du CESE pour organiser le suivi des négociations sur un accord commercial approfondi et complet entre l’Union européenne et le Maroc Reference EESC/COR-FR, d’après la décision du bureau du CESE du 24 janvier 2017 (EESC-2016-06803-18-01-DECBUR)
    Comment Il se compose de trois membres du CESE et trois membres du Conseil économique, social et environnemental marocain.