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  1. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS|international balance|peace
    Comhaontú Comhpháirtíochta Náisiúnta agus Síochána Reference Faomhadh an téarma seo mar chuid de Thionscadal Lex
    Abkommen für Frieden und nationale Partnerschaft
    Definition am 21. September 2014 in Sanaa unterzeichnet Reference ---
    Peace and National Partnership Agreement
    Definition agreement signed in Sana'a on 21 September 2014, under which a new government would be formed in Yemen within a one-month period, during which the current government would act as a caretaker Reference TERM PL, based on: Yemen Times [31.8.2015]
    Comment The agreement was signed by the Houthis [ IATE:3563029 ], President Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi, UN Special Envoy to Yemen Jamal Benomar, and representatives of various political groups, parties and movements
    accord de paix et de partenariat national
    Definition accord signé à Sana'a le 21 septembre 2014, prévoyant une cessation "immédiate" des hostilités et la formation d'un nouveau gouvernement dans un délai d'un mois Reference Conseil-FR, d'après le site du Figaro; Accord de paix au Yémen; [2.9.2015]
  2. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS|cooperation policy
    an Creat Náisiúnta don tSíocháin agus don Fhorbairt san Afganastáin Reference 'An Afganastáin - Conclúidí ón gComhairle (18 Iúil 2016),' Comhairle an Aontais Eorpaigh, [1.6.2017] ; Faomhadh an téarma seo mar chuid de Thionscadal Lex
    Nationaler Rahmen für Frieden und Entwicklung Afghanistans
    Definition strategischer Rahmen für die Entwicklung der zunehmenden Eigenständigkeit Afghanistans für den Zeitraum 2017-2021 Reference Council-DE
    Comment Mehr Informationen: (28.4.2017)
    ANPDF | Afghanistan National Peace and Development Framework
    Definition the Afghan government’s five-year strategic framework for achieving its overarching goal of self-reliance in the period 2017-2021 Reference TERM-EN based on: Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Ministry of Finance, Office of the Deputy Minister for policy, [25.10.2016]
    Cadre national pour la paix et le développement en Afghanistan
    Comment Voir détails sur le site du gouvernement afghan (en anglais): [21.11.2016]