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    Prótacal lena leasaítear an Coinbhinsiún Eorpach um theilifís trasteorann Reference Faomhadh an téarma seo mar chuid de Thionscadal Lex
    grenzüberschreitendes Fernsehen | Protokoll zur Änderung des Übereinkommens über das grenzüberschreitende Fernsehen | Änderungsprotokoll
    Comment Strassburg, 01.10.1998
    Protocol amending the European Convention on transfrontier television
    Definition The Convention is aimed at strengthening the free exchange of information and ideas, by encouraging the transfrontier circulation of television programme services on the basis of commonly-agreed basic standards (taste and decency, advertising and sponsorship, broadcasting of a majority proportion of European works, etc.). Reference Council of Europe Treaty Office summary (30.4.2012)
    Comment Signed: Strasbourg, 1.10.1998Entry into force: 1.3.2002European Treaty Series (ETS) No. 171Authentic versions: EN-FRSince its entry into force, this Protocol forms an integrant part of Treaty ETS 132.
    Protocole portant amendement à la Convention européenne sur la télévision transfrontière
    Comment Signature: 1.10.1998 à StrasbourgEntrée en vigueur : 1.3.2002Conseil de l'Europe; STCE n° 171Versions authentiques: EN-FR